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The High Priestess Knows

Sometimes life can feel scary and chaotic. Structures that were once built on rocky foundations have no choice but to eventually come crumbling down. With deconstruction comes turmoil. Our egos hold tightly to the constructs and paradigms that it knows, and this can make a change of any kind feel like a hurricane instead of warm and exciting winds.

Our experience of the outer world, when seen as a mirror, is showing us what is taking place, or needs to take place, within us. As the outer world faces destruction, let’s ask ourselves: What parts of us are moving through their own cycles of deconstruction?

Whether the turbulence you are experiencing is within you, outside of you, or both… You have a High Priestess within you who knows that amidst all the change and upheaval taking place around you; you are supported, you are held, and you are loved.

You are here, and you are alive. You have all that you need in this present moment.

And even though your ego may be deconstructing, and you are not who you once thought you were, or forced yourself to be; you are far more than that.

You are brilliant.

You are eternal.

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