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The Fullness of Life

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

If you just settled in and let

The current take you to and fro;

Are you worried you wouldn’t get

Where you want to go?

The rivers are sometimes choppy,

And yes, sometimes they twist and change.

But is there not always an end

To the blazing tides of rage?

What if just on the other side

Of that harrowing storm

The waters were at rest;

Comfortable, inviting, and warm?

You were worried, anxious, and scared

When you embarked on your own.

But what if when you left

You had never been alone?

Allow your breath guide you here;

Close your eyes and take it in.

The waters are calm; they welcome you.

There’s only Love within.

There is often a fear within us of letting go. A fear of diving in and having a direct experience of the richness and fullness life has to offer. Experiencing life to the fullest requires us to truly be in tune with our emotions, and to experience every moment intensely and fully. This is how we come to know God, Source, Love, or All That is.

The pursuit of connection with Source asks us to feel the fullness of every emotion, and this requires us to be vulnerable. Feeling Love deeply, requires us to truly know, through experience, the depth of our "lesser" emotions such as fear, anger, hopelessness, and despair.

Every moment grants us the opportunity to fall deeper and deeper in love with life, with each other, and with ourselves. We came here to experience all that this life has to offer, and that includes what it has to teach us through our experiences with each other.

Every emotion on the spectrum has the potential to teach us something valuable about love. Emotions are our teachers and our guides. They are directing us toward the parts of ourselves that need to be illuminated with love.

When we understand this, it’s easier for us to accept that when we walk head-on into the darkness, the only place we have to land if we fall… Is back in love.


Open yourself up to the beauty that is around you. Allow yourself to feel everything that comes to you. An intensely emotional and vulnerable experience of life is essential if we want to come to know ourselves and the Source of all that is.

Dare to be brave and experience the hurt, the rage, and the shame.

Without them, you'd have no concept of joy, peace, or bliss.

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