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How the practice of journaling led me to a deeper connection with my loved ones and Angels on the other side.

"Your loved ones and Angels want you to know that they are always here for you. Reach out. Ask them to send you signs."

My favorite spiritual practice of all time, aside from spiritual baths, is journaling. For me, journaling is not only a place to record Divine inspiration, but it is also a place to release emotional blockages and baggage that I may be holding onto.

Journaling is where I began my journey of self-discovery. It was through the pages of my journal that I began to truly understand who I am, what I want for my life, and what I truly deserve.

Over time, my journaling sessions began to morph into something new and exciting that I didn't quite have the words for until the past few years. My morning journaling sessions started to transition from first person point of view ("I") to second person ("you").

At first, I didn't fully accept that I was actually channeling my Spirit Team through the practice of what I had come to learn as automatic writing. There was a part of me that didn't believe that I could do something like that. I'm not a Psychic Medium, and only Mediums can do that kind of thing....right?


Here's the beautiful truth: We all have the ability to connect and communicate with our loved ones, Angles, and spirit guides. Every single one of us. That ability can never be taken away.

Our loved ones, Angels, and guides are always here for us. They only want to offer us love and support as we navigate this human experience. They want the best for us, and they see only the good in us.

Your loved ones and Angels want you to know that they are always here for you. Reach out. Ask them to send you signs. Ask them to send you guidance, reassurance, and to help you on your path toward your Highest Good.

Over time I have channeled many touching and encouraging messages from my Spirit Team, made up of my loved ones on the other side, my Angels, and my loving spirit guides.

But lately there has been something calling me to share these messages.

I know that others out there are always going through, or have gone through something similar to me. We all experience hardships, disappointments, and frustrations. It is my hope that in sharing some of the uplifting messages I receive from my Angels, others can find the same inspiration and comfort that I find in them.

When we share our stories and what helps us through, we're allowing others to recognize the possibilities and light that is alive within themselves.

We are all mirrors after all.


Guidance for identifying limiting beliefs

Take a deep breath.

Drop down into your body.

Be here in the present moment.

Be here in the now.

Feel life coursing through your veins.

Place your hand on your chest

And allow the rhythmic rising and falling of your breath

To anchor you into this time and space.

You are alive.

Possibilities are alive and abundant all around you.

The day is yours to seize.

…What are you waiting for?

…What is holding you back?

Take a moment to ponder these questions.

Allow your fears to surface.

Look at them.

Identify them.

Then take a step back.

Continue to keep yourself grounded in this present moment - and look at your life.

Look at your fears and where they’re holding you back from living the life you want.

Ask yourself:

Are these fears destined to come true?

Are these fears absolute truths?

Is there a possibility that these are just stories I’m attaching meaning to?

Allow the answers to come to you.

Maybe you need more time with them

Or maybe you need someone to help you venture into the depths of your shadow

And shine some light on your fears.

Ask yourself what you need

And love yourself enough to trust the answer that surfaces.

Give yourself gratitude.

Thank yourself.

You did something extremely brave.

You looked your fears and stories in the face

And challenged them.

You are so loved

And so much stronger than you realize.

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